Nice To Meet You:

Welcome to the new home of Ross Carter ( Here you will find all of Ross's digital content that he creates can be found right here (some content you will not find anywhere else on the net (and some stuff you will only find in his email's)).


When Ross isn't troubleshooting computers or when he isn't broadcasting live around the world. Ross enjoys making music Ross has been playing the guitar from a young age and enjoys listening to Rock, Blues, Soft Rock, Ballad, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rhythm & Blues, NuDisco  live and local music.

Ross also works with a band called Baxter Stone & The Chocolate Dogs on occasional basis as a part time roadie. You may hear Baxter Stone & The Chocolate Dogs perform at Dicey Riley's in Wollongong and in other areas in the south-coast


Another passion Ross has is creating videos for YouTube. Ross enjoys creating online videos tutorials and content that other people may find interesting or interesting.

His most popular song, Don't Go Running was released in 2017 and gained over 200 views on his music video alone. Ross tries his best to upload interesting content onto YouTube as much as he can (or when he can). Eventually, Ross will be uploading video content on a regular basis.


The Rossco Show is a brand new radio show designed for the Music Listener in mind. You can find more information about the all new Rossco Show at our Radio Show page on this website.


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